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I have passion for what I do, I love my job, and to serve people. My love and passion for what I do is reflected in the loyalty of our customers and friends. I Love Paraguay Restaurant is our home, and our customers are invited to enjoy our genuine service day after day. We work very hard to make Paraguayans feel at home here in New York, as well as to spread knowledge and appreciation of Paraguayan cuisine throughout the US.

Nancy Ojeda, Chef


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  • Empanaditas

  • Milanesitas

  • Croquetitas

  • Sandwiches

  • Piononos, Pastafrola, Alfarjorcitos



This is absolutely authentic Paraguayan food. I went there with some fellow returned Peace Corps Paraguay volunteers and we had a feast! The sopa paraguaya, chipa guasu, empanadas, and vori vori were delightful! I Love PY has equipo so you can sit back, sip some mate, and chat with Nancy the wonderful owner in Guarani. Everything about this place made it feel like Paraguay.

Digby F.

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