There are two versions of the origin of the Paraguayan Soup.

One of them indicates that it was the usual food of the natives before the arrival of the Spaniards. It is said that when the Spaniards arrived in Guaraní territory they were received with much pleasure by the natives, who offered them the meat they had to eat; however, the meat was finished and the entertainers were still hungry, so the Guarani served their usual food saying “Soo opa”, which means “the meat is over”.

The second version has its origin in the nineteenth century and attributed the preparation of the soup to the cook of Don Carlos Antonio López, president of Paraguay from 1841 to 1862. It turns out that Don Carlos`s cook wanted to cook tykuetï, one of the favorite foods of the President, which is made with milk, cheese, egg and cornmeal; but he used more corn flour than necessary, leaving him with a pasty preparation. Given the lack of time to prepare something else, he decided to cook it like that and explain what happened to Don Carlos, who liked it very much and baptized it with the name of “Paraguayan Soup”.