Paraguay has a very rich culture based,

of course, on the peculiarities of its population, which is basically the product of the miscegenation between Guarani and Spaniards. Paraguayan people have preserved almost intact many features of the original culture, mainly their native language, the Guaraní, which is currently spoken by most of its population.


It is probably because of the validity of the native language that the population is considered homogeneous despite its diversity and that the Guarani cultural manifestations that are a fundamental part of the current Paraguayan culture, mainly its gastronomy, its music, are still alive in the country and its craftsmanship.


Paraguay also has cultural manifestations of Spanish heritage and probably the best examples of the fusion of the Guaraní culture with the Spanish culture are found in the visual arts, emphasized in the splendid baroque architecture called Hispano-Guaraní; besides music and dance, which also have a lot of European influence.


From the ahopoí embroidery and the Paraguayan soup, to the valseados and the hispano-guaraníes constructions, Paraguay counts on exquisite cultural manifestations, full of meaning and of the deepest feeling of belonging that a nation can offer to the world.